NOTICE: Closing Down Soon

Hi folks, just posting a quick notice that'll I'll be shutting the site down in a few days in order to use the webspace for other endeavours.

This site may not have panned out exactly as I intended, but I appreciate all the support I got. I've been hating drawing lately as it's basically become 100% work instead of half work, half fun. I'll be moving onto something new, and currently secret, which should hopefully allow me to focus on stuff that appeals to me more on a personal level and maybe rekindle some passion for drawing. It very likely won't appeal to people purely here for guro content, but it'll still be in the field of sexy comics. Hopefully some of you will stick around.

I'll redirect this domain to the new stuff when I have enough ready to slap onto a site. As always, i intend future comics to be free for everyone to view.

Having said that, I'm still doing the odd guro commission here and there and will post some of them on Gurochan now and then, even if I'll be trying to mainly focus on stuff closer to my own heart.

TLDR; I'm sorry to say I'm closing the site down. If there's anything here you want to save, DO IT NOW, because it won't be on here much longer.

(PS: On the subject of the forums, it's a shame to kill them along with the site. Despite that, the software I somewhat ill-advisedly used to implement them is awful and has been causing problems since day one. The poor programming behind them is also something of a security nightmare, with me having to make multiple hack jobs to disable spam attacks and such over the years. Better to just get it off the server I'm afraid.)

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By Angels Admin – December 18, 2014 7:15 pm